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Equipment Leasing

If you're a gym owner, wellness center, or simply wishing to add this new and innovative piece of equipment to your facility, please connect with us to go over the options that are available and we can guide you through the process.


Tank Design / Capacity

Our tank sizes vary from 100 gallons in capacity up to 300 gallons depending on your layout and needs. Each tank is constructed of durable galvanized metal and lined with food grade epoxy barrier. Our chiller is sized based on how many gallons of water in use.


Variable Temperature System

A main benefit in using our system is that you have the ability to set variable temperatures for each tank. This way your customers can acclimate to a warmer temperature if needed. Keep one tank at 50 and another at 38 degrees!


Maintenance Service

Maintenance is critical to keep the cold water system in great working order and to prevent contamination. We use a variety of testing methods to make sure your water quality is pure and clean. If you lease from IceBurg we make sure your water is the highest quality.

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