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  1. Membership fees and payment policies: Member authorizes IceBurg Cold Plunge to charge or deduct fees from their account on a monthly reoccurring basis unless member notifies IceBurg Cold Plunge of suspending or canceling membership. Fees are deducted on a monthly basis from the day and time member completes purchase of membership. The reoccurring payments will last 12 months, upon which member has the opportunity to renew. All advertised pricing of memberships does not include Pinellas County Sales Tax 7% and is added at checkout. Payment methods that are accepted by IceBurg Cold Plunge, are debit or credit card. Drop-in sessions can be purchased both online in advance or at our location. We do not accept cash transactions. If payment is late for more than 5 business days after due date then IceBurg Cold Plunge will automatically terminate membership.

  2. Cancellation & Refund PolicyIceBurg member may cancel membership without fee or penalty, but must notify IceBurg cold plunge at least 2 business days prior to monthly bill date. Methods of notification must be in writing by emailing with subject: membership cancellation. All purchases are final and there are no refunds.

  3. Dress Code: All visitors, including members, must wear appropriate clothing while using the facility at all times. Clothes must be clean and tidy as to promote good hygiene in the facility for other guests and members.

  4. Towel Usage: IceBurg provides towels for guest use, however we kindly ask that they are to be used as intended and not to be used in a way that is unhygienic or can cross contaminate on equipment. Please limit usage to one towel per person. Towels must be used in the sauna to prevent excessive sweat on equipment.Used towels must be returned to the designated bin.

  5. Guest Policy: IceBurg unlimited members may bring one guest per month for free. Member must be present with guest. Members are responsible for guests adhering to rules and policies. Guests must sign waiver at front desk before using facilities.

  6. Conflict of Interest: At no time are members or guests allowed to charge a separate membership to use the IceBurg facility or engage in business that is in direct conflict with Iceburg. Membership will be terminated immediately.

  7. Cold Plunge: Members may use the cold plunge equipment as intended, for partial or full submersion. Appropriate clothing must be warn at all times. Undergarments are not allowed to be warn in the cold plunge, only bathing suits. Please do not exceed 10 minutes in the cold plunge. Splashing or rinsing hair is not allowed. Members and guests must be clean before entering the cold plunge. Guests must not tamper with equipment such as thermostats or valves that control the flow of water.

  8. Sauna: guests must always wear appropriate clothing at all times in the sauna. Guests must sit on or have a towel to prevent excessive sweat from pooling on sauna bench or floor. No shoes are allowed in sauna. Guests must remove footwear before entering sauna. Please limit sauna session to no longer than 15 minutes unless you have booked a private session. Do not touch infrared heating elements while using the sauna in order to prevent injury. No food or beverages are allowed in the sauna at any point.

  9. Children: children are only permitted to be in the space under direct supervision of parent or guardian at all times.

  10. Pets: No pets are allowed inside the IceBurg facility, however service dogs are allowed on the main patio space.

11. At no point is Alcohol, tobacco, or drugs allowed on premise.

Members agree to these policies and rules as part of the membership agreement. If member or guest breaks any rules or policies IceBurg may terminate membership.

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